Hi, I am Alexandre Bléron. I can write code and do research, with a specialization in computer graphics. I studied at Université Grenoble Alpes, France, where I obtained a PhD in 2018.

My research interests revolve mostly around computer graphics, and more specifically non-photorealistic – or expressive – rendering: i.e. finding new ways to render 3D scenes that give more freedom to artists (artist direction), and allow visual styles that deviate significantly from photorealism or the traditional look of computer graphics. Among those, I am particularly interested in reproducing appearances found in digital painting.

You can find my CV here. I also have a blog (right here) which might contain posts at some point.


During my PhD, I focused on two aspects of stylized rendering: the design of stylized shading models, and the rendering of brush strokes with image filtering techniques.



Some old free-time programming projects (mostly unfinished) that I have been working on in the past, and more recent stuff, which can be found on my github page. I mostly favor the Rust programming language to build stuff these days.